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International Marketing Newsletter
March 2020
New worrying news arrive every day – What do you think about it? I’m always aware that we, the SCHUNK team have to unite together, worldwide. Especially in the current situation, where a return to existing values and knowing about their priceless value is of great importance.
You are responsible for the SCHUNK marketing affairs in your country, and you play a key role for SCHUNK. You are the one who ensures that our customers immediately recognize us worldwide, if they see the logo, the blue SCHUNK color, the design of our communication media and tools, our appearance on shows, and much more. Our global brand is an enormous asset, and we should protect and even further expand it.
Therefore, I am asking you to be aware of this achievement, and to continuously pay attention to it in your daily work so that the brand-compliant SCHUNK presence is always ensured – even if you are preparing the participation in minor events such as Open Houses, etc.
The team of marketing colleagues in the headquarters is looking forward to supporting you, or giving you advice always true to our motto “One Team – One Family.”
Thank you for your commitment.
Best regards,
Henrik A. Schunk
Interview with Thamy Cavassani
Thamy is one of the colleagues who joined the marketing training in October 2019. She works in Marketing at SCHUNK Brazil.
While she was in Germany, we asked Thamy to give us an interview to introduce herself to the SCHUNK-team.

How long do you work for SCHUNK?
Thamy: I work for SCHUNK Intec BR just for four months.

What do you think about your trip to Germany?
Thamy: It was my first time in Germany. In the beginning I was afraid of language difference, but I can understand everybody and I think everybody understands me.
The training was a great MarComm immersion, an opportunity to get in contact with the local and global Culture Organization also a great chance to meet face-to-face my co-workers abroad, not only by e-mail. Everybody made me feel very welcome. As I´m a new "SCHUNKler" I have lots of questions and things to learn about the company and all my marketing colleagues were very patient with my doubts and all my questions.

What has been your biggest marketing challenge at SCHUNK?
Thamy: The biggest marketing challenge at SCHUNK for me is to help the Intec BR to increase sales using Marketing as a strategic tool, also using the global company guidelines adapting to our local market.

What were your marketing highlights in 2019 so far?
Thamy: Four months is a short time to say what were my highlights in 2019, but I was able to organize a small trade show in South of Brazil and develop the second half  Intec BR Internal Sales Meeting.

What are your most exciting upcoming marketing projects in 2019/2020?
Thamy: We will have one big exhibition in May and we are planning to make lots of small events for different market sectors in Brazil.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Thamy: I enjoy cooking for my family and to travel abroad when I have time.
We are regularly getting feedback or information regarding pictures which do not comply with the general SCHUNK standard. Therefore we have decided to add a new category named "Optimise" to the Marketing Newsletter. In this section we would like to include examples which have not been implemented in an optimal way. This way we can all learn from mistakes and derive recommendations for the future.

Here: Please be aware to use always a dark blue table cloth without a SCHUNK logo.
New e-mail address for your Marketing inquiries
Please keep in mind to send us your general or urgent requests to
This makes it easier for us to process incoming requests quickly.
Avoid to send your request additionally to Brigitte Vollrath and Veronika Gärtner. This causes a mix-up and additional work.

Thank you!
Lead time for orders
We often receive orders (IC2 and IC3) for catalogues and give-aways at short notice. 
We have to ask you to send us your requests in the current challenging situation like e.g. short-time work and the associated scarcer personnel resources in the HQ with sufficient lead time of 6 weeks. 

We have also been urged to be extremely economical and considerate with the distribution of catalogues and advertising material. As a result, it will happen that quantities will be reduced. 
Guideline Exhibition Booth Intec
We realised that quite often the same questions are coming up and the same things need to be adapted. Therefore we have decided to prepare a short guideline just for exhibition booth layouts.
Additional information is provided in the CD handbook or in the workbook exhibition.
Please find the PDF file in the enclosed download link.
Download data quickly
We often have the problem that data provided by us is not downloaded immediately. Frequently we will be asked for the data after the download link has expired.
We then have to generate a download link again or upload the data completely again in the worst case. This takes up a lot of our time. Therefore our appeal to you.
Please download the data immediately after receiving the download link! Usually it is available for 4 days!

Thank you!
Activities 75 years anniversary
Please be aware that so far, due to the current economical situation, no activities are planned  for the 75 years anniversary. We will keep you up to date in case anything changes.

Thank you!
SCHUNK InDesign templates updated
There has been an update of the InDesign templates.
The pages with the standard design elements have been added (page 12 and 13 in the PDF).

Please delete the obsolete data and use the data in the link from now on.
Please also inform colleagues and your agency.
Updated CD Handbook
The CD manual was revised. It contains some new contents and additions. 
Please delete the obsolete data and use the data in the link from now on.
Please also inform colleagues and your agency.
If you have any questions, please contact us at:
CD Handbook
New print media
Here you can download our latest marketing workbooks.
Workbook Buildings & Rooms
Workbook Trade Shows
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Veronika: +49 7133 103 2719
Brigitte: +49 7133 103 3449
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